Our Vision

Delegations for Dialogue provides future generations of leaders with the opportunity to interact directly with issues at the forefront of international affairs. Each year we organise a series of travelling symposiumsfact-finding programmes and sports & cultural diplomacy bringing young people from around the world together to engage in dialogue and cultivate greater mutual-understanding. We also organise conferences and events locally within our growing network of university campus associations.

Our vision places emphasis on neutrality: we facilitate direct conversations with a wide-range of voices from across the political spectrum as well as leading figures in academia, business, the media and civil society. We believe that providing the opportunity for young people to engage directly with issues they have studied behind a desk can be incredibly formative and also inspire further commitment to a specific field. It is our belief that these experiences are unmatched in their learning potential. Furthermore, we believe that promoting dialogue across cultures, religions and political beliefs offers one of the most effective paths towards positive change in a polarised world. 

Our Approach

We seek to facilitate dialogue through the following methods:

Our Four Principles

As a non-partisan and non-religious organisation, we adhere to strict neutrality and strive to provide participants with the opportunity to access complex issues first-hand with the ultimate goal of cultivating their own informed perspectives. As such, all of our symposiums and programmes follow the four following principles:

    1. Neutrality

    Our organisation is not affiliated with any political party, ideology or religion. We strive to ensure our programmes remain objective and neutral, allowing participants to understand important issues through the widest range of perspectives possible. 

    2. Interactivity

    In order to facilitate effective and meaningful dialogue, we prioritise activities and meetings that will allow for maximum interaction between the delegates and the respective speakers. 

    3. Inclusivity

    Though we are a new organisation, we run a self-funded scholarship programme which offers a number of financial assistance grants to support participants who are unable to afford our programme fee.  

    4. Diversity

    The selection process for our programmes places an emphasis on diversity. We actively seek to accept delegates from a wide-range of academic and cultural backgrounds with the belief that exposure to different opinions and persecptives are an integral part of promoting understanding.

    Our Impact In Numbers

    Since our inception in the summer of 2015, Delegations for Dialogue has achieved the following milestones:

    Expanding global reach


    Programmes Organised

    Commitment to Inclusivity


    Financial Scholarships Awarded 

    Richly diverse delegations


    Nationalities of students enrolled 

    Growing alumni network


    Student Delegates Engaged 


    Delegations for Dialogue is registered as a Community Interest Company under the name "Delegations for Dialogue CIC" in the United Kingdom. Our organisation is classified as a "land only tour operator" and our programmes operate within their specific destinations only. As such, we are unable to purchase any flight tickets on behalf of our participants. 

    Safety is paramount for all of our programmes. We do not run programmes in active war zones and always follow the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice on travel. Nevertheless, programme participants should be aware that the health and safety standards of our programme destinations may not necessarily match those of their home country.