Future Programmes (2018)

The USA & China

The East-West STories ProjeCT


Type: Cultural Exchange

Coming Soon

With the future of U.S – China relations becoming ever-more uncertain, it is all the more important to foster opportunities that can transcend politics and enable dialogue between Chinese and US citizens. The East-West Stories Project, organised by Delegations for Dialogue  and BIGTALK, will offer a rare opportunity to do just that by bringing a group of American and Chinese students together in Los Angeles and Beijing.



Trump V the Media


Type: Fact-Finding

Coming Soon

During his first weeks in office, President Trump made it clear that he believed the mainstream media should not to be trusted going as far as branding outlets such as CNN as 'very fake news'. This fascinating yet disturbing conflict between the President and the Media is only just beginning. Delegations for Dialouge's fact-finding programme will dig through the 'alternative fact' landscape and explore how Media outlets in the US are adapting to this new environment.