Future Programmes (2018)


Trump V the Media

Type: Fact-Finding

Coming Soon

During his first weeks in office, President Trump made it clear that he believed the mainstream media should not to be trusted going as far as branding outlets such as CNN as 'very fake news'. This fascinating yet disturbing conflict between the President and the Media is only just beginning. Delegations For Dialouge's fact-finding programme will dig through the 'alternative fact' landscape and explore how Media outlets in the US are adapting to this new environment.

USA & China

The East-West STories ProjeCT

Type: Cultural Exchange

Coming Soon

With the future of U.S – China relations becoming ever-more uncertain, it is all the more important to foster opportunities that can transcend politics and enable dialogue between Chinese and US citizens. The East-West Stories Project, organised by Delegations For Dialogue  and BIGTALK, will offer a rare opportunity to do just that by bringing a group of American and Chinese students together in Los Angeles and Beijing.


Sports Exchange: Football in the DPRK

Type: Sports Exchange

Coming Soon

Delegation's For Dialogue's 'Sports in the DPRK' programme will bring a small delegation of students to Pyongyang to explore various sports exchange opportunities. The programme has been designed to promote future opportunities for university sports teams to engage in sports exchanges within the DPRK and will include access to institutions such as the Pyongyang Football Academy, among others.  


The Cultural Heritage Symposium 2017

Type: Travelling Symposium

December 2017 (Dates TBD)

Receive an in-depth introduction into Iran's rich and impressive cultural heritage by joining our second symposium in Iran. The symposium will engage with a wide-range of voices; from clerics and university professors to pop musicians, entrepreneurs, photographers and calligraphers. To learn more about our first Cultural Heritage Symposium held in 2016 please click here. 


The Winter Symposium: The future of Inter-Korean relations

Type: Travelling Symposium

December 2017 (Dates TBD)

While the President Trump continues to urge China to 'take action' against North Korea, South Korea's new President, Moon Jae-in, is hoping to establish a dialogue with Kim Jong Un as well as restart engagement initiatives. What will such initiatives mean for Inter-Korea relations and, more importantly, can such initiatives go ahead without the support of the USA? 


A human crisis: Refugees in Lebanon

Type: Fact-finding

December 2017 (Dates TBD)

 As a result of Lebanon's open border policy, Syrian refugees now make up nearly a quarter of the country's population. The ongoing crisis has taken its toll on not only the refugees themselves but also the Lebanese population. Join Delegations For Dialogue's second fact-finding programme to assess the current situation through access to migrant camps, political parties, religious leaders, community activists and more.